The Video Conferencing Portfolio
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Stimulus Info System (P) Ltd  provides a multipoint video conferencing that is natural, universally available and affordable with high definition .Today successful bonuses evolve fast and far. Geographical boundaries are no more barriers to business, everything is globalised today. While effective communication remains the key to success,

The 24x7 video conferencing facility provided by Stimulus . To make it possible for our customers to come together with colleagues, customers, partners, business contacts from across the globe.

Stimulus offers the best technology and comfort office environment to our customers. Contact us today and enjoy the technology.

Stimulus Info System HD video conferencing without boundaries.
Stimulus Info System (P) Ltd  provide High HD-quality video conferencing as a natural extension of the way people work, and our products show it video room over the general data networks and the Internet .

Time, being the most precious but limited resource, makes frequent travels to attend meeting unviable. So, what if we offer you a solution where you can conduct or participate in meetings with the help of multiple source of video conferencing to sit in a conference room.

Thanks to Stimulus , now you can turn any place in the world into a conference room and engage via video conferencing and do business seamlessly. Get ready to experience HD video collaboration beyond dedicated conference rooms, networks and devices.